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Peace, Love and Goodness

A Higher Level of Goodness
We have one shot at life and the quality of it is often based on how we choose to approach it and our mindset. A Higher Level of Goodness is a powerful read that is filled with kernels of wisdom, insight and challenge on living life to its fullest as a parent, teen, educator or anyone who is up for challenge and growth.
Pursuing Global Goodness
Anticipated release date is fall of 2019. A personal account of Erin’s life lessons traveling the globe for a year. From Romania to Israel, Sri Lanka to Thailand…the world seems a whole lot smaller when we take time to listen, ask questions and get our goodness on.

Hire the Goodness Chick To Speak To Your Group

Student Assemblies
The Goodness Chick can accommodate an assembly according to your school’s needs. Whether addressing bullying, the power of making our mental health a priority or the domino effect of our decisions; Erin will be sure to captivate and challenge your student body.
Teacher In-Services
Looking for a speaker that will keep your staff engaged and inspired? The Goodness Chick has
addressed staff about the importance of maintaining our mental health as educators, the red flags of cyberbullying, tips for social media safety and a myriad of other topics to suit your staff’s needs.
Conferences & Workshops
From mental health issues, addiction, self care and beyond presentations are available live or via teleconference.


What Others Are Saying About Goodness Chick…

Take A Course

A (near fool proof) guide to keep your kids off drugs.
It’s a scary world out there. Add the challenges our kids face when up against the pressure to use substances and it’s even scarier. This comprehensive course is an amazing way to drastically reduce your kid’s risk factors against drug use as well as strengthening their character and relationship with you. It’s a win-win!
How to go from just surviving raising a teenager to thriving and raising a teenager.
Anticipated course release date is fall of 2018


Essential Oils Uses and Benefits
When it comes to mental health and wellness essential oils play a role in this balance on a day to day basis for me. Whether it’s a diffuser in my office to lighten the air (lemongrass) or decrease anxiety (lavender) or the peppermint roll in my bag for a headache….they are amazing. I’ve been using Rocky Mountain Oils for a little over a year and now I’m really pumped to be an affiliate of theirs sharing…well, their goodness. I HIGHLY recommend and believe have a hand in making our lives a little lighter and our days a little richer. If you have questions…give me a shout!
Is CBD Oil Right For You?
Another favorite of mine is CBDOil. In the past 20 years I’ve witnessed a growing ‘pez-candy’ distribution of meds and the quick pop of a pill at any sign of discomfort. I believe medication can do great things, but I think in certain instances it’s ok to first explore other alternatives. In al areas of the world natural cannabinoid oil is utilized for everything from migraines, anxiety, arthritis and beyond. It does not contain the thc strand (the mind altering, high ) and is 100% legal. I am grateful for CBDPure and their products!

About Me

Erin Lawler Patterson

Erin Lawler Patterson is the Goodness Chick. She is a podcaster, blogger, author, international speaker and counselor. Her mission is to empower others to kick butt in life, not get kicked. Looking at mental health, wellness, addiction, relationships and self care to use challenges to fuel you rather than consume you.

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