kindness when people are unkind

How kindness matters in a sometimes unkind world

Kindness matters. In the past six months of traveling I’ve realized the magnitude and relevance of being kind like never before. Being away from home immersed in different cultures there’s something comforting and familiar when someone bestows kindness upon you. There have been moments where I’ve felt slighted, invisible and insulted. In these moments, I…


The importance of family history to ourselves and our kids

Let’s face it — life can be crazy. Whether you’re single or married, with a big family or a small family, life can sometimes be busy. In those busy times, it’s easy for a person to not think much about family, living it up, and having connections to those around you. Work and responsibility can come…

How to encourage our kids to speak up

How to encourage our kids to speak up when they see something wrong going on

Our kids will see wrongs going on in ways that can be hard for a generation not raised on cell phones to understand.From this generation of pre-teens on, our children will have no knowledge of any other form of communication other than cell phones. Pay phones and even home phones are things of the past.…