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Peace, Love and Goodness

A Higher Level of Goodness
We have one shot at life and the quality of it is often based on how we choose to approach it and our mindset. A Higher Level of Goodness is a powerful read that is filled with kernels of wisdom, insight and challenge on living life to its fullest as a parent, teen, educator or anyone who is up for challenge and growth.
Conversations for Good by Erin Lawler Patteron, The Goodness Chick
Around the World with The Goodness Chick
Conversations for Good takes the reader on a global pursuit of kindness through twenty-three countries over the course of ten months. Through Patterson’s encounters with strangers from places most couldn’t locate on a map, she teaches us the value of human connections as she inspires us to reach beyond our comfort zone and embrace the unknown.

Hire the Goodness Chick To Speak To Your Group

Assemblies/ Professional Development
Empowering students and staff on the ability to kick butt in life personally and professionally learning how to use their past to fuel them rather than consume them. Erin taps into the realities of mental wellness, healthy relationships and accountability.
 The Goodness Chick will empower your students to learn how to kick butt in life rather than get kicked by it. She connects this to mental health, relationships, self-care and the power of good decisions.
Conferences & Workshops
Empowering through knowledge on topics such as mental health, self -care, addiction and mindfulness.


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Work with Goodness Chick

Fill Your Cup Workshop

Tired of running on empty? Feel like you have nothing left to give?
Fill Your Cup With the Good Stuff!
Good Humans
Good Stories
Real Hope For Your Daily Life.
Grab your coffee and air-pods & learn how to live life with an overflowing cup!

Women Empowerment Coaching
Empowering you to rock out in life and become a healthier, stronger & more rocking you!


Is CBD Oil Right For You?
Another favorite of mine is CBDOil. In the past 20 years I’ve witnessed a growing ‘pez-candy’ distribution of meds and the quick pop of a pill at any sign of discomfort. I believe medication can do great things, but I think in certain instances it’s ok to first explore other alternatives. In al areas of the world natural cannabinoid oil is utilized for everything from migraines, anxiety, arthritis and beyond. It does not contain the thc strand (the mind altering, high ) and is 100% legal. I am grateful for CBDPure and their products!

About Me

Erin Lawler Patterson is the Goodness Chick. She is a podcaster, blogger, author, international speaker and counselor. Her mission is empowering people of all ages to live life with an overflowing cup rather than an empty one. Erin looks at mental health, wellness, addiction, relationships and self care in using challenges to fuel us and fill us rather than consume us.

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