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Goodness Chick is focused on relaying relevant issues that pertain to parenting teens, family dynamics as well as addressing mental health issues. Knowledge is power. Whether it be depression, prescription pill addiction or the challenges of being a single parent; each of us face our own challenges. When we collaborate the journey seems less daunting.

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Benefits to our kids being a role model

When we think of a role model our mind may immediately associate this with a famous athlete or movie star. The truth is, when you look in the mirror you’re looking at a role model. Did you know that? How about when your kids look in the mirror? Do you think that’s...

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Teaching our kids the power of forgiveness

There is HUGE value in the act of forgiveness. As humans we can be wounded, sometimes these wounds and hurts run deep. It can last a lifetime.Whether it's verbal or physical these hurts can stick with us. Teaching our kids the power of forgiveness holds tremendous...

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How important our view on Mental Health is for our kids

Did you know that how we, as parents, view mental health is an important factor in our kids wellness? Our opinion on the validity of mental health and the importance or lack of importance bear great weight. How so? It impacts how willing our young people are to seek...

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