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Goodness Chick is focused on relaying relevant issues that pertain to parenting teens, family dynamics as well as addressing mental health issues. Knowledge is power. Whether it be depression, prescription pill addiction or the challenges of being a single parent; each of us face our own challenges. When we collaborate the journey seems less daunting.

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“Erin has her fingers on the pulse of the issues that so negatively impact today’s students. And along with knowing the culture, she has real solutions.”

Rick Lawrenson, Pastor of Nags Head Church

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The Five Pillars to live by according to Mr. Rogers

Flip on the television, scroll through social media and it can feel like there's a whole lot of negativity in the world. We and our kids can be the subject of more negative than we are even aware of. What we see, what we hear and what we are told can have massive...

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Acts of kindness that make people feel that they matter

Acts of kindness that make people feel that they matter. Every single day we have this choice. It is easy to be consumed in our phones, our tasks for the day. But there is someone you will pass every day who will feel alone. They may feel as though they are invisible,...

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Prom, Graduation and Milestones and what you need to know

With Spring in the air it seems fitting to talk about prom and how to keep your kids safe during that time period. So we're going to focus on prom, graduation and mIlestones and what you need to know. Any ideas you have about prom, throw them out the window. It's a...

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