Let’s face it — life can be crazy. Whether you’re single or married, with a big family or a small family, life can sometimes be busy. In those busy times, it’s easy for a person to not think much about family, living it up, and having connections to those around you. Work and responsibility can come first, and can cloud connections between family members and the people around you. There is overwhelming value when we, and our kids, have relationships with and are connected with people around us. It’s very easy, especially when you’re younger, to not think much about the people who raised us or made us in to the person we are today – whether that be a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. Family history is important, and it’s important to never forget that. However, it’s common knowledge that all families don’t get along. In our family, sometimes people can be individuals that you aren’t proud of, who you don’t want around your kids. They may have subjected you or another family to hurt or pain — that’s tough. However, it’s important to always try and focus on the good within your family, and not discounting those who make up your family history and in turn, you.
My focus today is on those in our families who have made a positive impact on you, and play an important role in your family history. What do you know about your heritage, the people in your family tree? What do your kids know? Sometimes, it’s not much that is known other than the generic label of Mom, Dad, Grandparent, etc. But, these people connect us to where we are rooted to – and when we’re more aware and make an effort to connect with those in our  family that holds significance, it allows for some pretty awesome benefits. There’s meaning behind these labels.
When we learn about our family history, we gain insight into a story that we were not aware of before, and we realize the world is just not about us, our busy schedules, or our responsibilities. It creates a significance in how we opt to make decisions, and go about life – and that holds value. Important value! When you hear stories about your ancestors from an elder relative, and learn about those who came before you, it can be empowering. It can show you that your possibility is endless in the things you attempt to do, and can profoundly move you to make a difference in your life, the lives of others, and the lives of those around you. Don’t let life pass you by – grab opportunities, and cherish the time you have to spend with all of the people in your family. They, whether you know it or not, are making a difference on you.
All in all, life is indeed crazy….but it can never be too crazy to let us lose out on opportunities to learn and connect. It makes us better people, and in turn, those around us. So, let a name or two pop in your head this week, and make them your mission. Learn more about them, and get some unique insight. It’s a gift too important not to pass on to those in the younger generation, and one that can just keep on giving.