About Me: The Goodness Chick

About Goodness Chick

Parenting teens and pre-teens can be SUPER challenging. Why go at it alone? Erin Lawler Patterson, Goodness Chick, is a parenting coach & motivational speaker who is excited to provide insight, guidance and encouragement about raising your young person. We weren’t intended to go at this gig alone, so why try? There’s power in numbers and collaborating our efforts and knowledge.

Erin addresses mental health issues, addiction, drug trends and POWERFUL ways to raise a DYNAMIC young person. Let’s do this!


About the author …

I’m a mom, blogger, parenting coach, motivational speaker, world traveller and high school addictions counselor. I love to surf, road trip and take any chance I can to soak in nature. My bucket list is to hit 50 countries by 50. Right now I’m hovering at 42…


My greatest form of education has been my treks around the globe and the thousands of students I’ve worked with over the years. My faith and life’s work have only reinforced how fragile life is and how important it is to give back, love others and leave an imprint on the hearts of others.

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you’ll stick around! Thanks for stopping by!