Acts of kindness that make people feel that they matter. Every single day we have this choice. It is easy to be consumed in our phones, our tasks for the day. But there is someone you will pass every day who will feel alone. They may feel as though they are invisible, as though they do not matter. There are small acts of kindness that make people feel that they matter. We can chose to step up and be the change that we wish to see in the world.

Acts of kindness that make people feel that they matter…

Are you tired? When is the last time you felt that you were alone or that no one understood what you were going through? What was it that made you smile or feel less isolated? Was it an act of kindness? These small gestures that may be long forgotten by the person who smiled, told a joke or gave a hug at just the right time. What was not lost in memory is the person on the receiving end. Kindness matters. Taking time to be intentional in acknowledging someone else’s existence can change someone’s life in a split second.

Do not underestimate the power of kindness…

We live in a world with tremendous hurt. Much of the pain is hidden and is worn within. Every single day we encounter those who hurt and we rarely are aware. Open our eyes., we must be aware of who we encounter. Take the time to make someone feel like they matter and that they are, indeed, somebody.

My challenge to you is to take some time this week to live with intention. Spend less time scrolling through mindless posts, put the phone down and look into someone’s eyes. When we do, amazing things happen. We connect with other people. Our eyes, our smile spread a joy that is hard to contain.

This week, may your eyes be upward and may you remind yourself that you are awesome and you have the ability to change someone’s day. Get your goodness on!