“Conversations For Good” is the type of book you sit down to read…and then don’t want to end! Since we can’t travel right now, the world traveler in me ate up the stories of people living life in all kinds of cultures and countries. You can tell the author really values an individual’s human experience by the way she meets and speaks to people from every walk of life, and digs down into their unique struggles and joys. I love that this book is about appreciating and accepting strangers as neighbors…without a political agenda or manipulated purpose. Just fresh, simple, enjoying people around the world. Love it!

Morgen ReynoldsBeyond The Trend Marketing Agency, CEO & Owner

As someone who’s struggled with mental health, I look forward to the Goodness Chick podcast every week as a reminder to recharge and take time for myself. Erin is constantly giving tips and guidance on mental health, wellness, and how to live life with a full cup, and doesn’t shy away from interesting or hard to talk about topics! Check out her podcast for some positivity and goodness! 

Megan BoyntonFashion Designer

This podcast is amazing! Erin is all about sharing love and peace and happiness to everyone while walking us through simple things we can do to feel such goodness for ourselves, and those around us. She also has incredible guests come on the podcast, like Karen Laine from Good Bones and Bethany Hamilton, the professional surfer who had her arm bitten off by a shark, and yet continued on surfing. I’ve heard some incredible stories on this podcast, and each time I listen I’m inspired to live a full life and be full from the inside-out. Definitely take a listen to this podcast – it’s worth it! 

Sadie ChelseaWriter, Marketer, & Podcaster

The Goodness Chick is totally in love with people. You can tell in her interviews, no matter who she is talking to, she appreciates them on another level. It’s refreshing to hear someone who believes in the goodness of humans these days, and is happy to share that goodness with the rest of us. If you like Erin’s podcast, go follow her on FB and IG too – I love her pics! 

Morgen ReynoldsBeyond The Trend Marketing Agency, CEO & Owner

Erin Lawler Patterson presents a beautiful reminder of the importance of kindness and human connection as she travels from Romania to Malaysia and everywhere in between. She opened my eyes to many places in the world I don’t often think about and showed me it’s beauty! I couldn’t wait to learn about Erin’s experiences in each city and ended up finishing the book in a day and a half! Read this book if you want to feel inspired – I am already thinking about my next trip to somewhere a little less traveled.

Megan BoyntonFashion Designer

Erin’s new book is such an inspiration! So many of us dream of quitting our day jobs and traveling the world, but only a few step through their fear and actually do it. I loved this story because it wasn’t just about making dreams a reality, but it was also about doing it for selfless reasons. The narrator travels the world, connecting with people from all walks of life, and having these conversations about what it really means to live and be human. I couldn’t help but feel more connected to those of the world, and even myself, after reading this book! – Sadie Chelsea, writer, marketer, and podcaster

Sadie ChelseaWriter, Marketer, & Podcaster

Such an inspirational presentation by @goodnesschick.

The Traveling PsychiatristPsychiatrist and traveler

Her desire is to speak the truth and love…and to empower parents and kids.

Erica WorrellParent

The audience found Erin to be a powerful and effective speaker. She’s also an amazing author. 

Dennis Relojo-HowellFounder of Psych Reg

The message that Erin brings on her podcast, her social media pages is nothing but goodness. She’s called the Goodness Chick for a reason.

Carrie GammellTeacher