When it comes to mental health and wellness essential oils play a role in this balance on a day to day basis for me. Whether it’s a diffuser in my office to lighten the air (lemongrass) or decrease anxiety (lavender) or the peppermint roll in my bag for a headache….they are amazing. I’ve been using Rocky Mountain Oils for a little over a year and now I’m really pumped to be an affiliate of theirs sharing…well, their goodness. Below are a few of the products that I HIGHLY recommend and believe have a hand in making our lives a little lighter and our days a little richer. If you have questions…give me a shout!

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Peppermintstrong minty, cool, invigorating, and sharp aroma presenting a middle-top fragrance note.  

Lemongrass – Lemon oi’s refreshing and vibrant scent conjures thoughts of cleanliness and uplifts the mood. Use Lemon oil to brighten perfumes, massage and bath oils, and DIY nontoxic cleaners. Lemon Essential Oil is great for skin care. 

Lavender – DIY skin care, add it to a diffuser or aroma inhaler and breathe deeply for a calming effect. Use the oil prior to bedtime for a restful night’s sleep. When added to a carrier oil, Lavender works great as an after-sun skin moisturizer. Add to massage oil for a relaxing massage that calms overworked muscles. 

Tea Treestrong yet gentle oil to use in skin and hair care routines. Use the oil in natural DIY cleaning products, including surface cleaners and soaps. Diffuse tea tree oil to help purify the air.

Droplet Diffuser (perfect to pair these oils with!) – With a runtime of up to six hours  the Droplet has plenty of oomph in a little package. Its minimalist design helps it blend into any room, making it perfect for diffusing at your desk at work. Turn on the color rotation for a fun mix of blue, green, purple and red as you diffuse.

Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil – with its crisp, peppermint-like fragrance, can aid in centering and clearing the mind. It’s great to diffuse and it’s my go to in making a chest rub for my family when congestion and cough are present.

Frankincense – I use this as part of my skin care regimen to promote a toned complexion. It’s awesome! It may promote wellness of the mind and spirit. Use the oil to support emotional healing whether in a diffuser or combined in coconut oil on the back of your neck or bottoms of your feet. It can help reduce feelings of loneliness, frailty, and grief, while helping sharpen concentration.

Immune strength –  I have this in my diffuser constantly during flu season. I also place a drop on the bottom of my feet with coconut oil when I can feel a flu coming on. It smells awesome. It can strengthen feelings of calm and comfort by adding to a diffuser or personal aroma inhaler.

Another favorite of mine is coconut oil. Check out my favorite brand on Amazon by clicking here!


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