Do you go to life or do you wait for life to come your way? Our quality of life is influenced by whether or not we opt to be passive or intentional. Where are you on the spectrum of full quality living? We get one go at life.  It’s amazing when  we realize how to gain a full quality of living that will change your life. How crazy awesome is that?

Going towards life, opportunity…

Too often, it’s easy to feel a sense of safety or comfort in awaiting for opportunities, experiences and even relationships to come our way. It’s one of the greatest mistakes made. Why? Because it has a direct impact on how we look at life as well as creating a diluted quality of living. When we wait for life to happen our minds have a tendency to be more anxious and we analyze what could be and what may not be. It’s the hamster in the wheel syndrome. Lots of running, thinking and exertion and absolutely no progress is made. Seems kind of pointless to go at it that way, doesn’t it?

There is no other analogy that seems more fitting than surfing. You have two simple options as a surfer. You can either sit and wait for a wave to approach or you paddle for the wave and ride it in. Two options, two different experiences on the same exact wave. It’s kind of crazy if you think about it.

Life’s a wave….

When you are out in the line up if you opt to wait for a wave to come your way there’s only a short amount of paddling and then you hold on and ride. Usually you get the tail end of the wave, less power and sometimes it can just close out on you. There just isn’t as much momentum.

Here’s the other scenario, paddle to the wave. You can see a wave begin to peak from the horizon. It is now that you begin to paddle. Sometimes you have to paddle with all your might. When you know it’s the right spot, you turn your body and the board and then the wave’s momentum actually pushes you. It makes you take it, like it or not. You then hop on the board and…ride. Take that wave, baby!

It can be more comfortable and almost feel easier to wait on life to make things happen. To take a step towards a relationship, a job opening, a new experience can evoke a sense of risk, vulnerability and it can be scary. When we allow ourselves to step forward and TAKE life on, it alters us in a gazillion ways.

How can going towards life be THAT much of a game changer?

  • Increase in self esteem
  • Perceived by others as more confident
  • Assertiveness will strengthen over time
  • Ability to select opportunities with greater discretion
  • Less likely to settle, more likely to pursue opportunities of higher caliber
  • Attract like minded, determined individuals
  • Mindset will gradually veer to positive squelching negative

To achieve this mindset it takes discipline and willingness. Where do you start? Jot down some goals and where you see yourself in 30 days, 6 months and year. Everything we do needs a strategy and a battle plan. What are your fears? What do you feel is holding you back? Kick out a few categories and allow yourself to fill in the blank with fear, apprehension, desires and goals. This can be: job, home, social, relationships and financial. Add more if you’d like and knock any out that may not apply.

how to live an authentic life

Baby steps are more significant than we may realize…

Every step we take forward in life is one step closer to going in the direction we need and one step further away from where we shouldn’t be. Allow yourself a timeline. What is realistic? What isn’t? When we don’t have a time line, life has a tendency of getting away from us. Time slips through our fingertips and often so do opportunities that may be staring us in the face. Refuse to allow that to become a way of life. That’s a super bummer.

Life is short. Every one of us makes mistakes, but the difference is between those who learn from them and those who continue to repeat them over and over again. If you missed that choice wave, that promotion, that investment then allow yourself to learn from it. Our vision of life and opportunity changes when we readjust HOW we look at everything. It’s viewing it as a  segway to the next chapter ratherthan a misstep. Negativity or beating ourselves down can wear us out and keep opportunity from arising.

Go, paddle and rock out the wave life has waiting for you! 

No matter where you are at in life, it’s never too late to readjust your angle in life. As long as you have a pulse (check if you need to), you’re good to go. Today is a NEW day with NEW opportunities awaiting. Take a breathe, smile and jot those notes on how you CHOOSE to rock out life. Remember, life is a gift and it is not something to take for granted. Wishing you a day filled with intention and new chapter that will be the domino effect to change your forever!

Peace, love and goodness!