How to encourage our kids to speak up

How to encourage our kids to speak up when they see something wrong going on

Our kids will see wrongs going on in ways that can be hard for a generation not raised on cell phones to understand.From this generation of pre-teens on, our children will have no knowledge of any other form of communication other than cell phones. Pay phones and even home phones are things of the past.…

How we listen to our kids

How we listen to our kids can make them healthier, stronger and safer

We need to listen with greater intent to our kids. There are so many who are aching with hurt and being silent. They are uncertain where to turn and often question if there hurt is valid. I believe the manner in which we listen can influence how we see them and how well we pick…

this year's goals

Make this year’s goals about health, growth and strengthening character

It’s a new year. It can become just another mark on your calendar, or it can become twelve months to grow, strengthen family ties and communication. When we have a strategy our goals do not have to drift to the wayside. Regardless of what your circumstances, it’s possible to make this year’s goals about health,…