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When it comes to mental health and wellness essential oils play a role in this balance on a day to day basis for me. Whether it’s a diffuser in my office to lighten the air (lemongrass) or decrease anxiety (lavender) or the peppermint roll in my bag for a headache….they are amazing. I’ve been using Rocky Mountain Oils for a little over a year and now I’m really pumped to be an affiliate of theirs sharing…well, their goodness. I HIGHLY recommend and believe have a hand in making our lives a little lighter and our days a little richer. If you have questions…give me a shout!





Another favorite of mine is CBDOil.┬áIn the past 20 years I’ve witnessed a growing ‘pez-candy’ distribution of meds and the quick pop of a pill at any sign of discomfort. I believe medication can do great things, but I think in certain instances it’s ok to first explore other alternatives. In al areas of the world natural cannabinoid oil is utilized for everything from migraines, anxiety, arthritis and beyond. It does not contain the thc strand (the mind altering, high ) and is 100% legal. I am grateful for CBDPure and their products!