It’s a new year. It can become just another mark on your calendar, or it can become twelve months to grow, strengthen family ties and communication. When we have a strategy our goals do not have to drift to the wayside. Regardless of what your circumstances, it’s possible to make this year’s goals about health, growth and strengthening character. Allow the new year to brim with a new outlook and a new strategy to realign.

There are a gazillion ways to plan and strategize. I’m not here to make your head spin. We are going to roll with five great , easy ways to make your day and year better.

Make this year’s goals about health, growth and strengthening character…

Get your phone out of your pocket and into a socket:

When our minds are constantly in a state of stimulation it causes us to  be distracted and our attention span to lessen. When our minds are always going our anxiety rises. We have a tendency to mechanically scroll through news feeds, social media handles, texts and emails for no reason. The message we send our kids is that this takes precedent. The example we set in our own cell phone use holds a precedent. It’s also important to plug those phones in at critical times that can be used for conversation. Make it a no cell zone during meal times and certain times that the family is together. Chat, dialogue and engage in a way that will strengthen ties and minds.


Self care: 

Take care of you. When we assume a role where we value ourselves and take care of ourselves in a way that makes us better parents, siblings, spouses, etc. it’s an amazing gift. Keep it real. At least once a week do something for you. It can be a bubble bath, a favorite treat at a local bakery, going for a run/ walk or catching up on a favorite book. Infuse self care into your lifestyle. It may be scheduling that into your day planner or google calendar. Make you a priority. It may sound strange, but when it becomes a part of your routine it will change your life. I promise.

When we value ourselves and do not cater constantly to all around us it sends a message of value, priorities and self love. It’s one of the most positive forms of selfishness you can provide. We need to also teach our kids that it’s good to love yourself, take time for yourself and recharge. There are too many burning the candles at both ends only to end up in a state of distress or angst. Life’t too short to roll that way. So kick around some ideas and make you a priority. You won’t be disappointed.



this year's goals


Give Back: 

A fantastic goal with unlimited life lessons. Go beyond you this year. Whether it’s jumping on a shift at your local soup kitchen or spending a Saturday morning with your family going through stuff you don’t really use or maybe even want. Whether it’s a pair of sneakers or a blanket, there’s seriously someone out there that can find use of it. If we want a less self saturated kid, sibling, spouse or us….we need to do things less saturated in us. I believe when we go outside of the scope of ‘I’ and enter ‘we’ it alters hearts and minds. I’ve witnessed lives changed in dramatic ways. You can’t ask for anything any simpler and dynamic than that. Give of yourself, allow it to become a lifestyle and it will rock your world.

Eat together:

There is power in community, communication and compassion. As often as you can sit around the table with your kids, siblings, loved ones we need to reconnect – all of us. If your kids , your spouse, or even you are spending more meals behind a closed door or even eating in the car…something has to change. It isn’t a healthy state to be in.

Family time has to take precedent to tv and schedules. It has to. Period. Bottom line. Family overrides distractions. If it doesn’t fragmentation is inevitable. When we make meal time part of our life instead of an addiction to it strengthen bonds and realigns priorities.


I believe in giving thanks before every meal. You may disagree with me and that’s ok. What I will say with confidence is that we are blessed beyond comprehension with items, things and people we too quickly take for granted. There are lessons and richness when we take time to give thanks for what we are eating, the hands that prepared our meal, and to God who provided our food.  We need to slow down. I will tell you if you make the time to even make it a once a day meal of gratitude in one year your heart will be changed. I promise. No matter what you believe, it will realign your heart into one of greater gratitude.

How grateful are you for what you have in your life? Seriously. We take so much for granted it’s mind boggling. Every day someone goes without running water, shoes, warm clothing, a roof over their head. Hurt and lack of necessities are more prevalent than we realize. Give thanks, my friends. It will change your heart, it will slow down your pace it will give you a different set of eyes.

If you get a chance check out last year’s post on tips on resolutions, goal setting and getting the most out of your year.

May your goal setting be clear, your attitude be one of gratitude and your week be brimming with opportunities for growth. Peace, love & goodness!