Refuse to allow life to slip through your fingertips. Yesterday, as I sat outside a cafe an older couple sat nearby unaware of anyone around them. Laughter and conversation consumed them; it was beautiful. Their substance was in the present, because in that moment nothing else mattered. The ability to find beauty in the present and invest our hearts in people and not things is a choice. A great strategy to keep things real is to have three ways to avoid being distracted from living life to its fullest.

When we allow ourselves to unintentionally get caught up in distractions of life we often miss out on the things that really matter. We feel the pull of what we need to do and that which we think we need to do. There are a few easy ways to keep our eyes on what matters. With this state it allows us to refrain from a distraction that takes away from a fuller quality of life.

Three ways to avoid being distracted from living life to its fullest: 

Allocate time away from social media and cell phone use. Whether it be an hour once a day or a half a day a week, find a balance. Too often we can find ourselves caught up in other’s lives we lose out on our own. There’s heaps of positives with our phones, but keep it in balance. The ability to live in the moment can be a challenge for some. When we have less distraction right in front of us it can be easier to be comfortable with ourselves and those around us.

Live in the now. Step away from distraction….

Three ways to avoid being distracted from living life to its fullest

Keep a connection. Whether it is family or friends, we are social beings. Take time for a cup of coffee with an old friend, a much needed phone call or a bike ride with your significant other. If we allow interaction to be limited to screen time and work meetings we lose out on personal connection. Whether an introvert or extrovert it is finding the balance in what you need. Each of us need some form of personal connection.

The attitude of gratitude. Whether a gratitude journal or notes on a phone app, take time to reflect. Write down what you are grateful for. There is nothing trite about gratitude. Take time every single day. That may be a thirty second pause or a five minute journal entry. When we become in a groove to take inventory of all we are grateful for it can continue to keep our priorities in check. Fight to keep your eyes on the important things. Gratitude does exactly that. Refuse to be distracted.

Every day we wake and complete another day is a gift. Whether you are gifted with one hundred years or fifty, every single day is one we are undeserving of. As another week begins, how will you chose to live differently this week verse last? Are you grounded? Or are you distracted?

As long as we are breathing there is room for growth. Every day we should strive to find joy, give thanks and be better than the day prior. When we get in this routine it makes life’s balance easier and our distractions less. Keep the balance going and the distractions distant.